The Journey of Lao Huo Tang Group begins in 2008, founded by Mr. Thomas Hong, the CEO of Lao Huo Tang Group, serving traditional Hong Kong soup at Chinatown of Singapore that is prepared with natural ingredients which are health benefits to the customer.

Lao Huo Tang Canton establish in 2011, to serve a wide range of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Over the years, Lao Huo Tang has expanded and is one of Singapore’s F&B leaders in the market with 13 brands, which includes a wide range of cuisines such as Local cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Indonesian cuisine and western cuisine.

Today, Lao Huo Tang Group is one of the most trusted brands for soup, we continue to serve traditional Hong Kong soup and creative traditional dishes at Lao Huo Tang Restaurant. We Promised to deliver authentic and quality cuisine to our consumers.

Value / Mission

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Humbly started Lao Huo Tang first stall at Singapoore Chinatown serving traditional Hong Kong soup
Expanded and owns over 70 stalls (Foodcourts, Hawker Centre and Coffeeshop) across Singapore
First Lao Huo Tang Restaurant located in Jurong Point 2
Open our door for Lao Huo Tang Franchise business
Second Lao Huo Tang Restaurant located in Jem
Launch of Lao Huo Tang Charity programme for less privileged individuals
Expanded and owns 10 Lao Huo Tang Restaurant in Singapore, acquired Eng's Wantan Noodle
Master franchise rights for Kenny Rogers Roasters and opens first Kenny Rogers Roasters Singapore outlet at Jem in September
Second Singapura Heritage FoodHall concept located at SingPost Centre. Third Kenny Rogers Roasters Singapore outlet located at Marina Square
First Singapura Heritage FoodHall concept located at Seletar Mall. Second Kenny Rogers Roasters Singapore outlet located in Century Square
First beverage concept Cocobite located at SingPost Centre